Equity & Community

More than Tacos

Centro has always pushed boundaries. We challenge our community to question old ways and think forward.
Since opening, we’ve strived to create a positive and equitable culture for our employees. As we grow, we will continue to create opportunities for our team and beloved community.
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Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve got goin’ on:

Our 10% Flat Fee

Minnesota’s tipping laws are dated.

For fast-casual restaurants like Centro, the gratuity laws haven’t kept up with the times. This creates a lot of legal gray area around who receives the tips. To ensure our entire team is compensated fairly, we’ve implemented a 10% Flat Fee.

It’s not a service fee.

Our 10% Flat Fee directly increases the wages of our Back of House (BOH) employees who legally cannot participate in receiving tips. We fully believe that our hardworking team in the kitchen deserves to be compensated similarly to our Front of House (FOH) employees and we strive to make wages between the FOH and BOH more equitable.

Why not increase prices?

We want to be transparent. We want to engage in conversation. Our 10% Flat Fee allows us the opportunity to educate our community on inequities within the restaurant industry. We hope this dialogue will bring systemic changes to the industry we love.

The tip line.

Yeah, we kept it. Tipping is never expected but always welcomed. Guests (and specifically, Minnesotans), want this option. It’s there for an exceptional experience but it’s never a must.

Our team is number one.

Not only is it a priority to ensure our team members make a liveable and equitable wage, we really care about developing our staff professionally, rewarding our team, and providing a fun and healthy atmosphere. Here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits available at Centro.

Team Benefits

  • Equitable wages for Front of House and Back of House employees
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits for management and an *Emergency Assistance Fund for all staff (Coming soon!)
  • IRA enrollment options for all employees in which Centro will match up to 3% of employee contributions
  • 5 hours per month of paid volunteer hours
  • Discounts offered on restaurant goods
  • Opportunities for gift card rewards to local businesses
  • No-cost shift meals provided to employees working 6 or more hours
  • Learning and Development programs available to all employees
  • Recurring staff celebrations and outings

*After evaluating medical benefits for the Centro team and the costs associated with creating coverage for all, we realized a few things: many of our team members are not eligible, have coverage through a parent or significant other, or opt for state-provided insurance. This left just a handful of the team that would be able to participate in Centro’s medical benefits. In an effort to reduce coverage inequities and provide the maximum financial support for our team, we have created our Emergency Assistance Fund.

Our Emergency Assistance Fund is an opportunity for our team to have access to funds in case of an emergency, specifically for team members that are not eligible for medical benefits. We wanted to find a solution to create a safety net for our employees experiencing medical expenses or unexpected financial obstacles.

Connecting with the community.

From the beginning, Centro’s concept has been focused on creating a community through a fun and safe space (and great tacos, of course). As we grow, we want to push our involvement out of our four walls and into the bigger community. We welcome collaborations with local nonprofits and strive to be active in our community through advocating, creating awareness, and philanthropic efforts.

Past/Current Organizations:

  • The Aliveness Project (Dining Out for Life)
  • People Serving People
  • Violence Free Minnesota
  • TC Rise
  • NFL Association
  • The Bridge for Youth
  • The Art Shanty Project
  • Youth Theater Group
  • Underdog Rescue
  • Perspectives, Inc.