Quincy St

Since 2018, our first Centro location has been a staple of the Arts District community in Northeast Minneapolis.
Please note that menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Quincy St


Sun - Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri -Sat : 11am-11pm

Also at this Location:


Lunch Special $12
choice of two tacos, a side of chips, and salsa roja
Barbacoa  $5.75
slow cooked lamb, salsa cruda, raw onion, cilantro, gf, df
Carnitas en Adobo  $4.75
pork shoulder, grilled pineapple, salsa verde, cilantro, pickled onions, gf, df
Braised Beef  $5.50
salsa roja, raw onion, cilantro, gf, df
Guajillo Chicken  $5.50
grilled chicken thigh, salsa roja, raw onion, cilantro, gf, df
Chicken Tinga  $4.75
chipotle-tomato chicken, beans, crema, queso, salsa roja, cabbage radish, cilantro, gf
Chorizo  $4.75
red chorizo, salsa verde, raw onion, serrano, cilantro, gf, df
Nopales  $5
cured cactus, mushrooms, kale, caramelized onions, queso fresco, sesame-peanut salsa, gf, v, contains nuts
Papas  $4.25
potatoes, pickled vegetables, salsa cruda, queso fresco, gf, v
Pescado  $5.75
beer-battered fish, cabbage, guajillo mayo, pickled onion

Not Tacos

Quesadilla  $8
cheddar jack cheese, crema, romaine, flour tortilla, salsa roja, v
+guac $3, +$4
Tray of Nachos  $15
(sharing is caring, best for two or more folks) chihuahua cheese, salsa verde, lettuce, crema, radish, pickled onions, cilantro, pickled jalapeño, tortilla chips, gf, v
+ black beans $2, + guac $3, + protein $4
Centro Salad  $11
romaine, avocado, tomatillo vinaigrette sesame-peanut salsa, queso fresco
add-ons $4
Centro Crunch  $12
flour tortilla, beef, crema, refried beans, queso, corn tostada, romaine, tomato
swap beef with black beans + rice = v
Rice Bowl  $10
rice, beans, cilantro, radish, crema, pickled vegetable, queso fresco, gf, v
+ guac $3, + protein $4
Enchiladas  $10 - 11
verde sauce, queso, crema, romaine, avocado, gf, v
black beans $10 or chicken $11
Burrito  $8
rice, beans, chipotle crema, chihuahua cheese, pico de gallo, romaine, v
Add ins $2 - $4.50
Mexican Pizza  $10
corn tostada, seasoned beef, crema, cheddar jack, romaine, tomato, gf
swap beef with black beans = v

Happy Hour

Sunday-Friday 3-6pm

$8 Qunicy Margs, Rose Sangria,
Paloma, Rosarito
$5 Tap Beers
$7 House Wine
$5 Chips & Salsas
$2 Oysters

☀ Oysters ☀

West Coast / East Coast $4*
rotating selection

Kids Menu

12 and under
Kid quesadilla  $6
cheddar jack cheese, flour tortilla, choice of carrot or chip side
Kid tacos  $6
ground beef, cheddar jack cheese, corn tortilla, choice of carrot or chip side, gluten free


Cookies  $3.50
masa, ginger molasses, brown butter chocolate chip
Tres Leches  $8
milk soaked cake, frosting
Mexican Church Bars  $3.50
cornflakes, marshmallow, touch of cayenne
Chocolate Mole Cupcake  $6
chocolate frosting, cocoa nibs (contains almonds & seeds)

Family Style /
Take & Bake

Tacos Cuatro (Familia) $40 - $45
1 lb. protein of choice · pork carnitas, chicken tinga, braised beef, chorizo, lamb barbacoa, or nopales (vegan) · rice, beans, salsas, lime wedges, warm tortillas. Serves 3 - 4 people
Enchilada (Familia) $45
verde sauce, choice of black beans or chicken, queso, crema, avocado, shredded romaine. Serves 4-5 people
Pork Carnitas $18
pork carnitas to make tacos at home · pint (16oz.)
Chicken Tinga $18
shredded chicken marinated in chipotle and tomato · pint (16oz.)
Guacamole Pint (Familia) $20
chips sold separately
house made guac w/ avocado, serrano, red onion, cilantro, cumin, lime juice
Braised Beef $18
braised beef to make tacos at home · pint (16oz.)
Salsa Roja Pint $10
house-made red salsa w/ roasted tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, vinegar, salt
Salsa Verde Pint $10
house-made green salsa w/ roasted tomatillos, jalapenos, roasted garlic, cilantro, salt
Chips (Family Style) $7
house made tortilla chips
Centro Salad (Familia) $32
romaine, avocado, queso fresco, peanut/sesame salsa, tomatillo vinaigrette
Yuca Fries (Familia) $14
served with a side of serrano-ginger aioli
gf, df, v
Nachos (Take & Bake) $14
served cold for you to cook at your leisure
comes with plenty of shredded Monterey and cheddar cheese, jalapenos, pickled onions, guacamole, salsa roja, sour cream, and choice of protein · chicken tinga, braised beef, ground beef, pork carnitas, or black beans (v)
Rice Pint $6
add a pint of cooked brown rice
gf, df, ve
Black Beans Pint $6
add a pint of cooked black beans
gf, df, ve
Salsa Cuatro Pack $8
salsa roja, salsa verde, salsa cruda, pico de gallo. ~4 oz. of each
gf, fr, ve
Salsa Cruda Pint $8
raw tomatillos, avocado, serranos, lime, salt
gf, df, ve
Extra tortillas $2.75
10 extra tortillas
gf, df, ve


The Drink Menu

Happy Hour

Sunday-Friday 3-6pm

$8 Qunicy Margs, Rose Sangria,
Paloma, Rosarito
$5 Tap Beers
$7 House Wine
$5 Chips & Salsas
$2 Oysters

Cocktails on Tap

by the glass or pitcher
Quincy Margarita  $11 / 42
tequila, lime, Tattersall orange crema
Mezcal Marg  $12 / 46
mezcal, lime, Tattersall orange crema
Rosé Sangria  $11 / 42
rosé, gin, lemon, grapefruit
Rosarito  $11 / 42
tequila, gin, rosé, Tattersall orange crema, lemon, lime, grapefruit
Paloma  $11 / 42
tequila, grapefruit, lime, soda


Skinny Marg  $12
tequila, lime, agave nectar
Wahaka Flocka  $12
mezcal, falernum, Cappelletti, lime, jalapeño
Barrel Aged Tequila Negroni  $14
reposado tequila, sweet vermouth, Cappelletti
Michelada  $9
Tecate, Clamato, tomato, Tajin, lime, contains shellfish
Morelos Sour  $11
bourbon, dry curaçao, chipotle, lemon, worm salt
Aperol Spritz  $11
aperol, bubbles
Oaxacan Old Fashioned  $12
Mezcal, tequila, agave, bitters
Mexican Mule  $11
tequila, lime, ginger beer


The Quincy, but Frozen  $11
Strawberry  $12
Prickly Pear  $12
Orange Pom  $12
Guava Goddess  $12
mezcal, Tattersall creme de fleur, guava nectar, lemon,


'Ssippi Squeeze  $7
56 brewer // hazy IPA
Pink Rabbit  $7
Indeed // pils, hibiscus, lime
Sun Pillar  $7
Bad Weather // Belgian blonde ale
Pacifico  $6
Mexico // lager
Size 7  $7
Steel Toe // IPA
Cowbell  $7
Urban Growler // cream ale
Tecate  $4
Mexico // can
Modelo Especial  $6
Mexico // bottle
Victoria  $6
Mexico // bottle
Miller Lite  $5
USA // bottle

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Lagunitas IPNA  $5
Lagunitas Hop Water  $5
Bauhaus NA Helles  $5

Hard Seltzers

Topo Chico  $6
strawberry guava

Other Selzter

Modist Tint  $10
pineapple raspberry (5mg) or blackberry lime (3mg)

Non-Alcoholic, cont.

Jarritos  $4
Mexican Coke  $4
Sparkling Water  $4
Sprite  $4
Diet Coke  $3
Hibiscus Lemonade  $5
Horchata  $5.50